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Finely tuned listening skills, patience and a calm ability to help people resolve their problems have served Matt Kramer well as mediator in a broad range of conflicts ranging from business and workplace disputes to family crises.

He has mediated litigated cases for the California Superior Court; arts related conflicts for California Lawyers for the Arts; management disputes for the corporate arena and served on ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) panels for the Los Angeles County Bar Association; the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office, and numerous other ADR organizations.

Additionally Matt has served on the mediation panel for RECOURSE; "Redwood Empire Conflict Resolution Services" in Santa Rosa, CA.

Matt Kramer Matt Kramer

On the domestic front, he mediates divorce and custody issues, parent and child conflicts and other forms of relationship challenges, including marital, pre-marital and estate disputes. The author of "Conversations Before a Marriage", and co-author of "And The Band Broke Up", he is also available for speaking engagements, workshops and seminars.

To find out how mediation can help you resolve problems and reduce stress in your life, for a free consultation.


parent and child mediation
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